The Best Guide to Guanajuato

Mexico City to Guanajuato

Guanajuato is a delightful and traditional Mexican city that should be included in any tour to central Mexico. Most visitors to the Guanajuato region originate from Mexico City, as it is the location of the main international airport and is an important transport hub. This guide will provide an overview of the transport options between Guanajuato and Mexico City.

Guanajuato to Mexico City buses

Guanajuato to Mexico City buses

Mexico City to Guanajuato Introduction

Guanajuato is 370km to the northwest of Mexico City and lies on the southern edge of the “Sierra Madre Oriental” mountains in a dry and arid region. The journey by car takes approximately 4 hours, but it is strongly suggested not to drive as the traffic in Mexico City is awful and there is almost no parking in Guanajuato.

The nearest airport to Guanajuato is Del Bajío International Airport, which is in the town of Silao 30km to the west of Guanajuato. There is no train station in Guanajuato or railway that passes next to the city. Most visitors travel from Mexico City to Guanajuato by bus and these services are safe and inexpensive.

Mexico City to Guanajuato by Bus

The majority of visitors to Guanajuato will travel up from Mexico City-Guanajuato buses that provide a good level of comfort and are the recommended means of travel between the two cities. The intercity express service is operated by ETN ( or Primer Plus ( ETN buses are more luxurious and with fewer seats ($540.00 pesos single) while Primer Plus ($450.00 pesos single) is cheaper, but still provide a good standard of comfort.

Guanajuato bus station

Guanajuato bus station, certainly not the most architectural stunning building

There are 10 Mexico City Guanajuato bus services a day and tickets can be purchased from the ticket offices at the departure bus station. During the high season and at weekends it is advisable to pre-book tickets. The bus journey between Mexico City to Guanajuato takes 5 hours, with 40 minutes of this to exit Mexico City. Outside of the capital, the route passes through an arid and bland countryside with the only notable feature being the statue of Christ The King (Cristo Rey) on the 2,000-meter hill just outside Guanajuato.

All buses to Guanajuato depart from the northern bus station (Autobuses del Norte) and the roads surrounding the station have some of the worst traffic of the capital. On the nearest metro station you can catch a metro to the “Autobuses del Norte” bus station, on the yellow line number 5. A taxi ride to the bus station is more convenient than the metro. Just ensure that plenty of time is allowed for heavy traffic.

The “Autobuses del Norte” bus station is huge and resembles more of an airport terminal than bus station. Inside the complex are good facilities and the entire place is safe and clean. Both ETN and Primer Plus Guanajuato buses depart from lounge Gate 1 (Sala 1), which is strangely to the right from the main entrance.

Guanajuato to Mexico City buses

Deluxe travel from Guanajuato to Mexico City

Guanajuato bus station is located outside of the city limits, as the intercity coaches are unable to pass through the complex tunnel system that diverts traffic below the city. From the Guanajuato bus station it is advisable to hire a taxi ($50.00 pesos) for the 10 minute10-minute journey to the centre of town. Local buses from the bus station terminate at the western edge of the city and it is a further 10 minute walk to the central Basilica, so it easier to get a taxi.

Mexico City to Guanajuato Flights

Del Bajío Airport (BJX) serves both Leon and Guanajuato and is halfway between both cities, close to the town of Silao. The airport has international capabilities and there are direct routes to Houston, Los Angeles and Dallas. The majority of Del Bajío Airport passengers are domestic travellers flying on the Mexico City- Guanajuato route. “This service is operated by AeromexicoAeromexico” operates this service and the short flight is just 1 hour. Return tickets have a cost range from of cost $150.00 to $-250.00 (USD), with prices increasing closer to the departure date.

Guanajuato airport is 30km from the city centre and a taxi must be hired, as there is no public transport. The 40- minute taxi ride costs $400.00 pesos and can be pre-booked from the kiosk in the airport lounge. The Mexico City- Guanajuato flight route is suitable for visitors who have limited time to visit the region or are business passengers. Bus travel is the recommended means ofor travelling between Mexico City and Guanajuato as the buses provide a high quality of service and are inexpensive when compared to the price of flights.

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