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Forget everything negative you hear or read about Mexico City, if you believe the media you will end up miss a treat of a destination. Mexico City is a vast metropolis that has so much to offer to visitors - be that discovering the cultural sights, partying late into the night or simple getting lost amidst the crowds of millions. Few visitors who give Mexico City a chance and adequate time leave disappointed. Let us here at be your Mexico City tourist guide and help you around this fantastic destination.

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The city does have its own massive flaws but what could be expected if 14 million people choose to live in an unsuitable geographical region, drove gas guzzling cars and were governed by corrupt and ineffective politicians. No other country in the world is so reflective of their capital city; Mexico is Mexico City and if you look back historically the country was named after the city.

Mexico City Tourist Guide Introduction

The city was not just historically significant since the colonial era the history of the region stretches back as far as many ancient European cities. This pre-colonial age was attempted to be stamped out by the Spanish but a modern populous resurgence is restoring many ancient beliefs and practices which are widely available on the streets aimed not at tourists but for Mexicans.

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If you were expecting Mexico City to be of shabby and nondescript buildings that stretched to the sky truly think again. Mexico City is crammed full of beautiful colonial architecture, elaborate churches and striking ultra modernism. The drained clay subsoil provides awful foundations for structures so Mexico City is a city that grew out not up.

The poorer residential areas which tourist are afraid of gangs and crime are so far from the vast historic centre they might as well be in another country. Let us be your Mexico City tourist guide to avoid these issues. Mexico City does have its fair share of tourist related issues but flashing cash, make daft decisions or just being plain rude will cause problems in all large cities around the world. , with over 100 pages, if its not here its probably not in central Mexico

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