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The Alley Of The Kiss, Guanajuato

The Alley of the Kiss, Guanajuato (El Callejon del Beso) is a narrow alley in the city of Guanajuato, which was the centrepiece of a tragic romantic tale that was based on true events. This story of failed young love is a time-honoured Mexican favourite. This guide will detail the tale for visitors to Guanajuato.

Alley of Kiss Guanajuato

The narrow Alley of the Kiss in Guanajuato

The Alley Of The Kiss’s Story

For tourist information about the Alley of Kiss please click here. The Alley of Kiss’s story is based upon true events and revolves around two young lovers from very different backgrounds. The girl came from a well-to-do family whose father had a successful job within the silver mines of Guanajuato, while the lad came from a poor miner’s family. The two young lovers had a chance first encounter when the girl came to visit her father at his place of work and she bumped into the young miner. From this brief moment their destinies were intertwined.

Alley Of The Kiss, Guanajuato - Young Love

The happy couple would sneak out late each night for romantic liaisons, but they were both paranoid of their families discovering their secret. The rear of the girl's family house backed onto the narrow alley, which later would be named after their tale, and her room was at the top of the family house. The ingenious young miner managed to rent a small room that was directly opposite to her window and balcony. Unbeknown to either family, the couple would meet late at night and kiss over the narrow alley. Hence the alley was nicknamed the Alley of The Kiss.

The young couple's secret nightly liaisons became the rumour of Guanajuato and the father over heard the idle gossip at his work. The father was infuriated that his precious daughter was besotted with a lowly miner and the repercussions that it would bring upon his family name. He refused to believe the gossip unless he actual saw them together. He waited for the perfect opportunity to catch the lovers in the act of kissing over the street. One night instead of sleeping, the father stayed awake spying, waiting for the lovers to meet on their balconies and talk sweet nothings to each other.

Alley of Kiss Guanajuato

The gap between the two balconies

On discovering their meeting the father stormed into the woman's room in a terrible rage that shocked both lovers. The young miner fearing for his safety jumped from her balcony back to his. The enraged father caught the young man by his heal and tripped him off the edge of the balcony. The young woman screamed out in terror, as her lover fell on the steps below, instantly dying.

Traditions of the alley of kiss, guanajuato

The father's rage was not just directed at the young miner, but also at his daughter, he grabbed up a piece of wood and bludgeoned his daughter to death.

Alley of Kiss Guanajuato

The father instantly felt guilty for his heinous crime that he had committed but it was too late for the young lovers, who were both dead on the steps below the balcony. The father was repentant, but his wife could never forgive him and he died a couple of years later half mad. It is rumoured that the ghosts of the two young lovers haunt the steps where they both died. The spirits of the two lovers, bless young couples with a life of happiness, if they kiss on the location of the miner’s death.

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