Guanajuato Funicular

The Guanajuato funicular removes the pain and effort to reach the statue of El Pipila and the best view point over Guanajuato. The recently installed funicular climbs one of the steepest hills, that surround Guanajuato, at a 30° angle and the demanding walk is completed in less than a minute.

Guanajuato Funicular Tourist Guide

A single journey on the funicular cost 30$ while a return cost 60$, the walk down from the monument is much easier than the climb and may not be required. Guanajuato’s funicular station is directly behind the Teatro Juarez and to the left of the entrance to the Tunnel el Minero.

The two small carriages which fit just 5 people plus conductor are connected by a steel cable so that as one carriage lowers it counter balances the other aiding the lifting. The ride up does provide good views of central Guanajuato but the views from El Pipila are better. The upper station consists of a precinct of tourist shops all selling similar wares and gifts. There is a small museum found inside the station which is dedicated to explaining the tale of the alley of the kisses but there are much better museums in Guanajuato and it holds little interest to English speaking tourists.

Guanajuato Funicular Further Information

The upper station exits below the main viewing platform and a number of short flights of stairs connect to the viewing platform and the actual monument. The best time of the day to visit the statue, the viewing platform and the use the Funicular is just before sun set. At this time of day as Guanajuato can be viewed by day light and then watch as the lights come on over the city. The final funicular ride is at 9pm but the as the downward path is clearly signed there are few issues if the last ride is missed.

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