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Callejon del Beso - Alley of the Kiss, Guanajuato

Guanajuato has many small streets and alleys but the El Callejon del Beso is by far the narrowest alley in Guanajuato. Callejon del Beso translated into English means the "The Alley of the Kiss" and it is famous within Mexico thanks to a tragic love story. To read the love story of the Callejon del Beso please click here. The alley itself is very short, only extending for approximately 20m, and most of this is up steep steps. The houses on both sides of the alley are painted in the traditional Guanajuato orange while the balconies at the upper levels alomst touch. Callejon del Beso Guanajuato

The narrow Callejon del Beso in Guanajuato

El Callejon del Beso Tourist Guide

El Callejon del Beso translated into English means Alley of the Kisses and, is in part, due to the closeness of the upper windows and balconies, so close that lovers could share kisses across the narrow alley. El Callejon del Beso is so narrow that at the upper floors of the balconies are almost touching with neighbours’ looking directly into each other's window. The measured distance is only 1.5 meters but from the lower levels the balconies of the El Callejon del Beso appear to be touching.The alley of the kisses has a superstition associated the story of the unfortunate young lovers. For a visiting young couple to guarantee 15 years of happiness in their relationship the couple must kiss on the third step of the alley.

Alley of the kiss Guanajuato Tradition

A kiss on any other step of the alley will bring seven years of sadness and heartache to the couple. This step is supposedly the location where the young man fell to his death and his spirit is watching for lovers to protect and ensure are happy.

The alley of the kisses is to the South of the historic centre close to from Plaza de los Angeles and off from the street El Patrocino, which during the night contains small food stalls and a late night market. The alley is easy to locate from the other end as it is close to a vibrant green coloured water fountain. As the superstition and legend of the El Callejon del Beso are so popular with Mexicans expect to share the experience with many other visitors.

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