Diego Rivera Museum, Guanajuato

Diego Rivera is one of Mexico’s most prominent artists who painted spectacular murals. Originally these were considered highly controversial but now are regarded as some of modern Central American’s greatest art. It is fitting that the home and birth place of Guanajuato’s most famous son has been converted into a museum displaying some of his lesser paintings and restoring the house to re-create it as it was at the time of his birth.

Diego Rivera Museum Tourist Guide

Museums may not be not be particular popular with tourists to Mexico but this one is worthy of a short visit as it contains a varied content, with staff who are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the artist and art displayed in the museum. The museum which was opened in 1975 and is located on the north side of the historic centre of Guanajuato is spread across three floors. The ground floor has been remodeled to recreate the house as it was at the time of Diego Rivera’s birth on the 8th December 1886; there are 6 rooms each filled with furniture of the era and paints of the family.

Diego Rivera statue Guanajuato

A statue of Diego Rivera in Guanajuato

This floor is only for true history buffs or fans of Diego as few of the pieces of furniture are originals but it goes give an indication of the living standards of the middle classes at the turn of the last century. The first floor displays a selection of Diego’s lesser pieces of work but in doing so does contain a wide selection of artistic styles and stages of the artist creative life. The selection includes line drawings that were pre-curser for more elaborate images through to detailed colourful Aztec inspire paintings.

On the top floor is a detailed re-print of Diego Rivera's most famous mural the Un Sueño Dominical en la Alameda. The selection is varied and worthy of the 20$ entrance fee. The stand out images of the Diego Rivera Museum are the nude drawings of his wife. Some of the nude drawings of the other women models could be considered very unflattering. On the third floor travelling exhibits are displayed and at the time of writing a strange modern art display of a fly’s nest was on display.

This floor also contains the library and the staff here have in-depth knowledge of the artist and his work but unfortunately speak only fluent Spanish. As the Diego Rivera Museum is located in the house that Diego was born in it faithfully maintains the beautiful interior of the colonial building. The style was popular in Mexico to have a small central courtyard which allowed all floors to keep cool during the hot summer months. The chance to view the interior of a classical colonial house is another bonus of the small Diego Rivera Museum. The entrance fee is 20$ and bags must be left at the reception area. Photos can only be taken on the ground floor. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday between 10am-5pm with an earlier closing time on Sundays of 3pm.

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