Why Visit Guanajuato?

Guanajuato is a fantastic tourist destination in the central hills of Mexico and was the original Spanish colonial silver mining town. From the wealth discovered in the ground below Guanajuato massive and elaborate construction projects were funded, no other Mexican city has a greater density of both important religious buildings and stately colonial mansions. It was from Guanajuato that the first sparks of independence swelled within Mexico and it was also here that the independence movement achieved their first victory.

Today as a tourist detonation, Guanajuato does not rely on its history or act as some stuffy museum but is a vibrant, fun and engaging Mexican city. The population is young, mainly in part to the renowned university, and the city is carefully maintained thanks to the silver still being excavated.

Guanajuato simply put is a great tourist destination to experience both historic and modern Mexico. Let us here at GuanajuatoMexicoCity.com show you round this charming city.

Popular tourist attractions include:

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Popular Sights

Basílica Guanajuato
Mummies Guanajuato
Christ Rey Statue
El Pipila Statue and View Point
Alhondiga de Granaditas
Jardin Union
Teatro Juarez
Alley of Kisses
Valenciana Mine
Guanajuato Tunnels

Other Sights

Diego Rivera Museum
Guanajuato’s funicular
University Guanajuato
Mercado Hidalgo
Templo La Valenciana
Templo San Felipe
Plaza de la Paz
Templo San Diego

pena palace

The colourful Basílica of Guanajuato

pena palace

The grand churches of Guan

pena palace

This was traditional Mexico...

pena palace

Cristo Rey on top of the mountain

pena palace

Guanajuato was funded on the vast amounts of silver