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Mexico City to Teotihuacan by Bus

The Teotihuacan temple complex and pyramids are one of the highlights of any visit to Mexico City. The temples are outside of the city limits, but are easily accessible by being connected to a reliable and inexpensive bus service. This guide will provide an overview of the Mexico City-Teotihuacan bus service and includes fares, travel information and a bus station guide.

pyramids of Teotihuacan

Why visit Teotihuacan?

The Teotihuacan Ruins comprise three standout features: the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon and the Avenue of the Dead. The Pyramid of the Sun is a massive pyramid, which resembles more a hill than a 2000-year-old tomb, while the smaller Moon Pyramid is more detailed and overlooks the 2 km long formation of smaller temples and Teotihuacan dwellings, which the Aztecs referred to as the Avenue of the Dead. The Teotihuacan complex should be visited while staying in Mexico City, as it is one of the ancient wonders of the world and also provides as a break from the pollution of Mexico City.

Mexico city to Teotihuacan by Bus

The Teotihuacan Temple ruins are 30 miles northeast from the centre of Mexico City, but because Mexico City is so vast this sometimes quotes as 25 miles, measured from the North Bus Station. The Temples of Teotihuacan are served by a regular bus service, which departs from the Autobuses del Norte’s central station of Mexico City (North Bus Station). Inside the vast bus terminal, head to departure gate 8 and the ticket office of Autobuses Teotihuacan (Teotihuacan’s buses).

Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun

This is easy to locate. From any of the main entrance doors, simply turn left and walk to the very end of the building. The small ticket office is the very last one and “Autobuses Teotihuacan” only runs services to the pyramids and the town of Teotihuacan. You can only buy single tickets, with the return purchased from the bus driver. Buses leave every 20 minutes during the day and usually there are seats on the first available bus, so no need to book ahead. A single ticket costs $35.00 pesos.

The bus journey takes approximately 50 minutes, but as with all journeys in Mexico City, traffic levels can vary widely. The bus journey from the North Bus Station to Teotihuacan makes a few minor stops, but is almost direct with the Teotihuacan Ruins as the last stop. There are few visual highlights during the journey, apart from passing through the northern edge of the extinct volcanic crater, which lies within Mexico City. Adjacent to the main entrance of Teotihuacan’s complex (entrance 1), the bus stops in the main road. A short walk is required to pass through the car park and reach the entrance, which leads to the museum, past an array of gift shops but no food establishments.

pyramids of Teotihuacan

The Massive pyramids of Teotihuacan

Mexico city to Teotihuacan by Bus

Towards the end of the day keep an eye on the time, as the last return bus can leave at 5:00 pm and it is a 30-minute walk from the Pyramid of the Moon to entrance 1. The return bus leaves from the same location where the bus arrived.

Tickets for the return journey are purchased from the bus driver, again costing $35.00 pesos. For those visitors who miss the return bus there are always taxis at hand to drive tourists back to Mexico City, but expect to pay upwards of $250.00 pesos. All male passengers on the return journey are forced off the bus and searched. This occurs approximately 1 mile from the bus stop.

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