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Museo de la Revolucion Mexico City

Beneath the imposing Monument of the Revolution is the Museo Nacional de la Revolución (Museum of the Revolution). This large museum comprises of three sections; the building of the Legislative Palace (which incomplete form became the Monument of the Revolution), an extensive section detailing the history of Mexico from 1857 through to 1917 and a temporary exhibition of various independence memorabilia.

The construction of the Legislative Palace will hold the most draw for visitors but unfortunately there are few descriptions in English. Many of the revolutionary exhibits are pictures, images or documents that without the explanatory text hold minimal interest.

Tourist Guide for the Museo de la Revolucion

The Museo Nacional de la Revolución is open every day except for Monday. Opening hours are from 9:00 until 17:00. The entrance fee is $20 pessos and there is no entrance fee on Sundays. The Museo de la Revolucion Mexico City, lies directly below the massive Monument of the Revolution and the entrance is on the northwestern side.

The closest metro station is Revolución (Line 2 / Blue Line) and is a walk of two blocks to the south. The length of visit will greatly depend on fluency of Spanish and interest in the revolutionary era but typically 1 hour will see all of the exhibits.

Museo de la Revolucion Mexico City Further Information

The museum lies at the centre of the planned Legislative Palace with only the giant domed structure of the Monument completed. The museo de la revolucion covers a total floor area of 1,325m2 and there are a total of 400 items on display. In the section detailing the construction of the Legislative Palace visitors can see part of the steel structure and original plans which were never completed.

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