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El Grito - The Shout, Mexico City

The El Grito is a patriotic Mexican ceremony which occurs every year at the Zocalo in centre of Mexico City. The short nationalistic non-religious service is lead by the president of Mexico with the El Grito recalling the struggle for independence that Father Hidalgo lead. The El Grito occurs on the evening of the 15th of September, at the same time that Father Hidalgo called the locals of Dolores to band to gather and rise up against the Spanish. The priest summoned the towns people by ringing a bell loudly and this same bell is the centre piece of the festivities.

El Grito Activities

On the evening of the El Grito the president, from a balcony of the National Palace (Palacio Nacional ) which overlooks the crowds gathered in the Zocalo, rings the same bell as Father Hidalgo and proclaims Mexico's independence and greatness. The El Grito translated means "the shoutand this is what the ceremony is famous for; the massive crowd gathered in the Zocalo in unison shout - "Viva Mexico, Viva la independance"

Details about the El Grito - The Shout

There is always a great festival atmosphere for the El Grito with the Mexicans proud of their traumatic history. The actual ceremony it's self is surprisingly short and usually finished in less than 15 minutes but the partying continues late into the night as the following day, the 16th of September, is independence day. Mexico City has amazing party vibe during the independence celebrations and the festivities are highly recommended to attend.

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The cry for independence by Father Hidalgo is commonly known as the Grito de Dolores (shout of Dolores) or the El Grito de la Independencia (Shout for Independence) and occurred on the 16th September 1810 and is the action that marks the start of the Mexican War of Independence.

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