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El Cristo Panoramico Christ Viewpoint, Taxco Mexico

The best location to view Taxco is from the El Cristo Panoramico (Christ View Point) which lies at the top of the Cerro del Atache hill. The view point provides wonderful panoramic views of the town and is a worthy end to the steep climb through the town to reach the view point.

El Cristo Panoramico, Taxco Tourist Information

The walk to the El Cristo Panoramico view point is by steep streets that can be very tiring, for the less adventurous taxis can take you to the summit for 50 pesos. The best time of the day to visit the El Cristo Panoramico of Taxco is just before sun set as the last rays of the sun illuminate the hills in a golden color. The town then transforms slowly as the lights of the city come on with the Santa Prisca church magnificently standing at the centre of Taxco.

 The El Cristo Panoramico high above Taxco

The El Cristo Panoramico ( Christ View Point) high above Taxco

The El Cristo Panoramico is named so because of the statue of Christ the Redeemer which stands guarding Taxco. The statue was constructed in 2002 and though only 3 meters can be seen throughout the town. At the top is an old slate quarry which provided material for the building of Taxco.

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